5 Steps To Fame, Fortune, And A Fantastic Fan Following

If you want to connect with and grow your tribe of rabid followers, subscribers, and fans (who hang on your every word and buy everything you offer), here are 5 steps to follow.

Step # 1 — Identification

The first step in getting amazing results with content marketing is to know WHO you’re creating content for.

That goes way beyond saying “My target audience is busy moms or childcare providers.”

Knowing your audience means knowing their hopes, fears, desires, pains, objections, and MORE so you can tailor your content in a way that truly impacts them and doesn’t just add to all the online noise bombarding them daily.

Step # 2 — Ideation

To succeed with content marketing, you must have a never-ending supply of fresh ideas for content.

Coming up with ideas is NOT a magical skill — it’s the result of strategy.
Most people think great ideas just pop up for creative people and don’t for non-creative types.
You can access a never-ending supply of great ideas if you know where to look.

Step # 3 — Creation

The third step in the process is to get your content created fast (yes, fast is better than slow).
Great content isn’t the result of inspiration… it’s the result of using great, proven frameworks and blueprints that make people want to pay attention.

When you combine a great idea for content with a proven framework, it’s EASY to create content that not only attracts your ideal customers, but also adds tremendous value to their lives.
It also makes you super memorable in the process.

Step # 4 — Distribution

The next step in the process is to get your content spread as far and wide as possible so you can reach the people you are called to serve.

Many people run out of energy at this point and say something like “I’ll just post this to Facebook and then promote it later when I have time.”


But that time never comes… and so they basically wasted all the effort they put out in the first steps creating their content.

If you want to distribute your content effectively, you must automate it. Gone are the days of just sending an email or posting to your blog and your job is done.

The key to distribution is automation — let software do the job for you.

Step # 5 — Connection

The final step in the process is genuine interaction with the people who consume your value.

People crave significance and you can give it to them by doing very simple things:

  1. Answer their questions in the comments they leave on your content on social media.
  2. Like their comments when they make them.
  3. Send friend requests to the people who like your content and invite them to join your group(s).

That’s how you close the loop: through interaction that creates connection

If you want to connect, influence, and impact the world, start adding value to the people you’re called to serve.

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Jim Edwards


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