Authenticity: The New Trendsetter

Jim Edwards
3 min readSep 15, 2023

“Love me… hate me… there’s no money in the middle!”

Designer — Nancy Carswell

I’ll never forget the first time I heard that quote.

I was in a mastermind meeting in Tampa, Florida in February 2003. That quote shook me to my core because it made me realize something important: You can’t please everyone, nor should you even try.

Your job in online business is to influence people to make a decision about you. If they love you, they’ll buy your stuff. If they hate you, they’ll buy your stuff so they can hate you more (it’s true)!

In fact, the ones who hate you will obsess over you MORE than the ones who love you.

The bunch in the middle who don’t care one way or another don’t ever really buy anyway. They’re indifferent.

You make people make a decision about you with your personality, your opinion, your teaching, your actions… basically by being you and really getting out there!

Don’t believe me?

Let’s play a game… what’s your opinion of Jim Edwards?

Do you love him? Do you hate him?

Why? (I personally LOVE the guy, but I’m biased.)

Chances are YOUR answer is based entirely on your perception from something I’ve said, done, sold, or shown you in the past.

So, the easiest way you can make people love or hate you is to just go and be you… the authentic you… a LOT! And let the cards fall where they may.

Bottom Line: Every day just go “do you” the best you can!

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Jim Edwards helps entrepreneurs create MORE Leads — MORE Sales — And Stronger, More Profitable Relationships. Jim is the author of the instant classic “Copywriting Secrets”, Jim is also the Co-Founder of Funnel Scripts, along with Russell Brunson, for which they recently received the 8-Figure Award for over $10 Million in sales. He was one of the first people to ever publish an ebook on the Internet back in 1997 and was featured in the NY Times as a result of his first ebook funnel. Jim’s most recent creation is CopyandContent.AI which takes you from blanket page to quality content in minutes with the help of his wizards and AI Genies™.

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Jim enjoys chicken ranching, working out, spending time with his wife and playing with his grandchildren.

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Jim Edwards helps entrepreneurs create MORE Leads — MORE Sales — And Stronger, More Profitable Relationships =>