Pay Attention To The Parts That Aren’t Fun…

Jim Edwards
4 min readSep 25, 2023

(That’s usually where the money is hidden!)

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I had a conversation with a friend recently about her business, and she couldn’t help but repeatedly express her frustration with one aspect of it.

Specifically, she detested spending money on advertisements, and found the process of figuring them out to be incredibly vexing. We both understood that once she cracked the code, her business would thrive.

We both agree that for the majority of people, figuring out paid advertising (and the feeling of wasting money) is far from enjoyable.

What Is the Fun Part?

For me, the fun part is writing sales copy and creating content. The unfun part is paying for ads and “completing that circuit” so I actually make money with the sales copy and content I create.

There’s a lesson there.

The un-fun part is usually where the money is.


Because it’s fun to write sales copy.

It’s fun to create products.

It’s fun to make videos.

But the real money comes from selling.

The real money comes from:

  • figuring out ads that actually work;
  • creating webinars and testing them;
  • seeing how you can get more people to sign up;
  • getting your presentation to convert;
  • improving the conversions in all phases of your funnel.

That’s where you make your money.

What Is the Unfun Part?

For me, running and testing traffic is not the fun part, but some people love it. One person I know in particular who loves to run ads is Matt Hagberg. Matt is amazing when it comes to:

  • Narrowing audiences;
  • Creating ads;
  • Split testing;
  • Maximizing conversions;

Since those things are not fun for me, I know I need focus on them or hire someone to do them for me.

You need to figure out what the unfun part is for you because, most likely…

  • It’s your roadblock.
  • It’s your disconnect.
  • It’s your Achilles heel.

You have to figure out those unfun parts in order to move forward and grow your business.

Strengths And Weaknesses?

Don’t think about it as weaknesses or strengths, either. Instead, look at it from the standpoint of,

“Hey, what do I really LOVE doing and what do I feel competent at?”

And contrast that against,

“What’s the stuff I don’t like doing?”

For example, I’m really good at testing, and I’m really good at writing ads. It just isn’t fun for me.

Since it isn’t fun, that’s where I need to really pay attention and force myself to take action.

Once you find what you DON’T like doing, then you need to make a decision about the future. Do you develop the skill and do it yourself? Or do you find someone to do it for you that has already mastered the skill? The latter is faster.

How Do You Figure Out The Unfun Parts?

When you’re going through your day, notice the things you’re doing AND the things you’re resisting.

Some people look at me and say,

“Jim, you think writing sales copy is fun?”

Dude, I LOVE it!

Other people say, “Do you really think that content creation is fun?”

There is nothing better than the creative process to me.

Pay attention to the things that are fun to you, and the things that are not fun to you. Whatever you find fun, do that to the best of your ability. But also pay attention to the parts you don’t like because that’s what’s holding you back from getting the results you want.

One of my favorite tasks lately is creating genies for CopyandContent.AI. So much so, that I now dedicate a week each month to JUST creating genies. If you haven’t gotten a chance to use the genies, you don’t know what you’re missing!

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